Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A belated weigh in...ooops!

I weighed in yesterday...was down to 89.5 kilos....so a 1.1 kilos loss...gotta love that. Yesterday was my first day on higher calories...i will be increasing them 20 calories a day till i start to gain...so yesterday was 1820 calories...and overnight I dropped another 500 grams! woo!

Tomorrow night I have PT...I am coming to love how much she just pushes me to do things I didnt think i could do...I mean single rows in push up position? Yeh I can do them amazingly lol Here is a link of a pushup row http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJEH95783mI I do feel my nutrition is pretty down pat at the moment....i think the next step will be focusing on my exercise. While im not hugely keen on weight programs I do think I will get the results from them....and I think I have to kinda suck it up! LOL. Most weeks ill be doing one weight session with my trainer Candice...and if i can do 2 sessions by myself...that should work...the next 2 weeks tho I am going to do 2 sessions a week with Candice...monday and wednesday nights....so i will just need to do one session by myself (either friday or saturday) im really at this stage just going to aim to do that 3 times a week....I kinda feel like i need to give it a full 12 weeks and then assess how its going. I dont really think (from all i read) on a pile of cardio...I go out walking in my breaks at work...im not gonna fuss more then that unless i WANT to go to a class.

Not much else going on...today I had off...was kinda lazy (ok a lot lazy lol) but was nice...good to have some relaxation.

Despite my cals going up slowly this week....I am still going to hope i can be under 88.5 kilos by next monday :)

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