Monday, June 24, 2013

Calorie cycling

So another thing I get a lot of questions over is calorie heres some info on it:

Once you have your daily calorie goal. We can now work out your calorie cycle. Now Day 1 is weigh in day if you weigh in in the morning, if you weigh in in the evening the day after will be day 1. So you work it out like this:

Day 1 : moderate-high calorie day
Day 2 : low calorie day
Day 3 : moderate calorie day
Day 4 : highest calorie day
Day 5 : low calorie day
Day 6 : moderate calorie day
Day 7 : lowest calorie day

So if my calorie range is 1800 calories for example it will work something like this:

Day 1 : 2100
Day 2 : 1700
Day 3 : 1900
Day 4 : 2500
Day 5 : 1400
Day 6 : 1600
Day 7 : 1300

Now this works out to 1785 calories. There are big swings so your body will not get use to things. If after 2 weeks you are not losing....deduct 100 calories from each day...if you feel you are losing too much add 100 calories per day.

If you are wanting a good calorie counting application...I highly reccomend - feel free to add my username kazsjourney as a friend on your list - I am happy to look at any calorie cycle plans and make any suggestions :)

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