Sunday, June 23, 2013

And the scales go down...wo0ot!!

Ive had problems with very noisy neighbours but last nite managed a decent nights sleep thankfully! At work today....and tomorrow then off tuesday and wednesday - cannot wait! The scales had dropped down to 89.4 kilos overnight :) So im back sitting at a loss of 1.2 kilos so far this week...pretty happy with that...specially as i have been eating 1800 calories a day. Starting tuesday i will be adding 20 calories a day, basically to test my metabolism and then to work out at which calorie range i maintain my weight at. I am suspecting it will only manage to get to 1950-2000 at the most before i gain....but it will be interesting to see. Once we know how much I can eat without gaining i will do a cut of somewhere between 10-20%...the person helping with this process will decide on that :) Not much else to say...windy and cold as hell here...i am ready to go home and get snug in front of my heater!!

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