Saturday, June 22, 2013

What I eat, what exercise I do and about my calorie limits :)

I have been asked by many people how I lost the weight, what exercises, what food I ate etc So I will share here!

Primarily I always ate 1800 calories. I followed a system that I called "calorie cycling", what this means is over the week my average daily calories is 1800 but I had a mix of high and low calories days, I felt that this really kept my body guessing and adjusting to anything. At the moment tho as I am closer to I am sticking to a static daily goal of 1800. I also had a couple of "rules" when it came to eating:
1. I eat what I enjoy....if I dont like something I am not going to force myself to eat it otherwise I will never stick to things, but I also ensure I am open to new foods.
2. I try and avoid "starchy carbohydrates" most nights at my evening meal. I prolly eat a starchy carbs 1-2 times per week....but I need one starchy carb meal per day most days.
3. I eat as little processed foods as possible...but DO still eat some processed foods (I am not giving up chocolate for no one! lol)

Below is a list of foods I commonly eat broken up into meals:
1.2 ingredient pancakes (1 egg + 1 banana and mix)
2.1 crumpet with 1 slice of cheese grilled
3.1 protein shake and a banana
4.2 slices of shortcut bacon with 1 slice of toast

1.A sandwich with salad and cheese or roast pork or tuna or ham (nothing too exciting)
2.Vegetarian Sausage rolls (Linda McCartney brand)
3.Very occassionally Sumo Salad

1.1/4 chicken and small greek salad (This is a takeout meal)
2.Yiros (Kebab) (This is a takeout meal)
3.Chicken salad made of: Roast chicken breasts, baby spinach, feta cheese, semi dried tomatoes, avocado
4.Mince with taco seasoning, tomatoes, lettuce, sour cream (basically a taco without the shell...Don't do this the day or two before weigh in as the taco seasoning is quite high in sodium)
5.Lemon Pepper chicken breast steak with roast vegies (capsicum, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes etc) and maybe some feta cheese
6.Marinated Steak, dry fried egg, grilled tomatoes

1.25-40 grams Tahini or Peanut Butter (depending on how many calories I have left for the day) sometimes I will also add half a banana or a banana too it
2.Homemade muffins
3.Greek yohurt (Chobani) and honey
4.Bega stringers (string cheese)
5.Chocolate (Often Lindt dark chocolate...usually I will have 20grams-35grams)
7.3 pack of mini oreos (140 calories)
8. Fruit - strawberries or bananas)

Exercise wise I have always been a big fan of Les Mills classes. My favourites are: Body pump, body balance, RPM, body combat,boxing classes. I also did 3 PT sessions a week (I realise most don't have this luxury) Now I do only 1 PT session per week. I have always done resistance work in my PT sessions and still do. I think boxing is BRILLIANT for toning your arms and upper body. I also did lots of things like lots of stair climbing (my gym had 7 flights of stairs and I would walk or run up them...brilliant cardio workouts) So overall I exercised at least 4 times a week (I feel 4 times is a nice balance of exercising without exercising too much), predominantly cardio but with some resistance work involved, I also did a lot of body weight work (pushups, planks, crab crawls etc) which helped with building definition in my upper body too.

I think classes are brilliant, just try and get varied workouts....some cardio classes (combat, RPM, boxing, attack,zumba etc), some flexibility classes (pilates, body balance, yoga etc) and some resistance work(either get a trainer to write you a program, do body pump, or if wanting to lift heavy look into new rules of lifting for women or stronglifts, if you want to do body weight work look into convict conditioning)

I hope this answers most of the questions  But if anyone has any other questions don't hesitate to ask! 

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