Monday, May 14, 2012

Well theres been a bit going on in the background....partly which i skimmed over recently but over the last few day has really reared it ugly head.

A month or so ago i was having some real mood swing....fiona suggested i go thru my journal to track when these were occurring in relation to my cycle. My cycle turn up mid month and these were occuring 7-10 day prior to my cycle. Anyway i researched it a bit and read that krill oil and magnesium can help with this. Last month these mood swings lasted for about a week or just over....i get the mood swing again this month too...they havent lasted as long but they have felt more intense. They remind me of when i would get depression but only in that 10 days or so before my cycle. Interestingly enough also last thurday/friday i gained 1.6 kilos (ill explain the significance of this in a minute) so anyway i went to the doctor this morning....he agrees it is hormonal and thinks (wait for this lol) my brain i retaining fluid...and thats causing it....interestingly enough today i "mentally" feel better altho very tired today and my eye have been literally hanging out of my head....but what interesting is the scales dropped from 87 kilos to 85.4 kilos....0_o So anyway i told him not interested in he has recommended taking Blackmores "PMT" if that doesnt help....he gave me a script for the pill to balance out the hormones. Fingers crossed the PMT stuff helps...cos im not overly keen to take the pill...aparantly the Blackmores tablet includes a diuretic which should helps.

Onto the numbers on the scales....last monday i was 86.5 kilos and this morning 85.4 a 1.1 kilos loss for the week - cannot complain about that!

Back to work tomorrow...and tomorrow night running with Fiona...still havent decided whether to run 2km or 3km but might bite the bullet and run 3kms...the running program for this week is suppose to be one 3km run and 2 x 2km runs...but might bite the bullet and just do it...we will see.

Have a good week all.. :)

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