Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ran 3 kilometres (at a snails pace!)

So last night i RAN (or my interpretation of running lol) 3 kilometres....and we wont tell Fiona but truthfully i could have run further...i suspect i could have run at least another 1km. I was incredibly took 27 mins 45 seconds to run the 3 kilometres,,,,of course at this stage its just about completing the distance not the time....but it did occur to me i could prolly have walked 3kms within 30 minutes lol. But i am glad i did it. And i guess i know if a month or two down the track a 5km fun run came up (theres none so dont panic! lol) I feel confident i could complete it. I know most people aim to do 5km in under 30 mins i am obviously not at the level of completing 5km yet nor is my time even close to it! lol But its all good :)

Fiona then talked to me about positive thinking (apparantly its not one of my skills! lol) no real surprise...since i always think everything i do...even if not initially...eventually i will fail at whatever it might be...anyway...i guess kinda deep stuff...that fiona believes i need to address (sounds fun eh?! lol)

The scales are up about 600 grams at the cycle is due anyday now...and my stomach pains are telling me its not too far away :) So until my cycle is over (cos it seems to be VERY crazy lately) im not going to pay too much attention to the scales till my cycle is over. But I have worked out my exercise routine for the rest of the week and next week....AND i WILL do it all! Its really the exercise thats missing at the moment. So.................

thursday - pump + RPM
friday - pump + stairs
saturday - run with fiona + pump + balance

monday - boxing + body combat
tuesday - running with fiona
wednesday - boxing + cycle class
thursday - PT with Sarah
friday - possibly pump - need to check what time i finish work
saturday - run with fiona + pump + balance

Ive actually considered getting a basic membership with a local gym thats open sundays. 3 out of 4 sundays i am off work....and its a pain...waste of a day that the gym isnt open...and a local one has pump and balance on sundays so i am considering it.

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