Wednesday, May 16, 2012

MY gym :)

Ive been sitting here thinking. As i mentioned in the earlier post i think what missing from this whole health and fitness thing at the moment is exercise.

When fiona worked at the gym....i was 110% committed...but the whole time i use to think "if fiona leaves i dont know if i would stay"...anyway fiona did resign and i was a few months into my contract...and at that point i started to think...yeh ill prolly quit fernwood...i even a couple of months ago went and had a look around goodlife gym...its a nice gym, closer to home and was thinking id prolly go there....and its still a consideration...only cos they are open on sundays...but it would be a "back up gym" just for those times i cant make classes at fernwood. A week or so ago i sent a email to fernwood asking the manager to give me a price on a basic membership and also a basic membership with a PT session per week..anyway havent got a answer to that yet....but ive decided i WILL continue with is MY gym after all (and i dont mean that in a possessive way lol but its the one i feel comfortable at) so after month of dithering...its time to get that level of focus and committment i use to think to single i have more then enough time for the its time to throw myself back into it and go every weeknight and saturdays when im free as well and do a many classes as i am able to make...just as i use to aim to do! Its time to get back to 80 kilos....time to work this not so lil ass monday, wednesday, thursday and friday are gym nites...saturday is a gym day and tuesday of course (as well as saturday) is running with fiona day! I dont even care if the scales move slowly....i just want to see this body shape change more...just like it use to change...:)

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