Thursday, May 17, 2012

I overate a lil last nite....i knew cos of the cravings my cycle was around the it this morning...and not such a nice number on the scales. Anyway i got up this morning jumped in the shower...and 5.30am in the friggin morning i am having a dizzy spell :( was not fun...then the cramps kicked in by the time i got to work....and just to add to how crap my body felt my throat/back of mouth started hurting. Now since about last november (when i hurt my back) ive been the queen of excuses to avoid the gym...but thought no dammit ill go do pump at the very least...did pump...burnt 410 calories (up the squat track to 7.5 kilo on each end of the bar and 4 kilo on each end of the bar for the warm up) i think tomorrow nite ill increase the chest track too...very very happy :) I then went and did RPM and some how burnt 510 calories! It was a very old release of RPM (she said about 4 years ago) and it seemed much harder then normal RPM burnt a total of 927 calories...super happy with that :)

Not much else to say...yay for friday tomorrow....its turning out that this weekend is going to be pretty plan tomorrow nite body pump (and going shopping for a Spibelt) then saturday morning going to run with Fiona (another 3 kilometres im guessing!) followed by pump and balance...have a good friday tomorrow all!!!

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