Monday, May 07, 2012


UGH just UGH!!! Ive had a sore throat off and on for the last few days...not bad enough to have to go to bed but enough to keep reminding me its there...then today my ear started hurting and copped a i suspect im on the verge of something not so nice invading my body :) So im thinking a few days of rest and no outdoor workouts in the evening for this week. I didnt gym it tonite and wont tomorrow either. Ill have PT with Nora on wednesday or thursday which ill attend...but i wont do anything too much before the end of the week.

So this week its really focusing on nutrition...get my body to 100% and tackle the gym once im 100%. Its a pain and i feel guilty about it...even tho i know getting my body 100% i still feel guilty. :( so the answer is just to be on top of my nutrition and make sure I get enough sleep.

I did manage at work today to swing some shiftswaps to get the next 6 weekends i have some regularity there....i also put in for leave the last week in October when Fiona, Sarah and I are looking at going to Sydney again and that got yay :)

Not much else going on...enjoy your night :)

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