Thursday, May 10, 2012

Oopsie...slack blogger :)

I owe a blogpost eh! Ive been a lil slack...I wasnt very well earlier in the week....and as well the lead up to my cycle i got moody ugh :( But on the upside it only lasted for a few days where as last month i last for over a week. So the combination of magnesium and krill oil seems to be helping there :) Today emotionally i just felt soooooo much better and happy thankfully. Altho I could have eaten a horse! Thankfully i didnt lol....Foodwise ive been good all week...when i weighed in after my sydney trip on May 1 i was 87 kilos....then monday i was 86.5 kilos and this morning 85.8 kilos....but my cycle is coming so im expecting a jump over the next week or so :(

Last night i did RPM (sigh never as good as freestyle cycle - RPM is just wayyyyyyyyyyy too easy for me these days....the freestyle cycle is so much more challenging) i then did a PT session .... lots of ab one point she decided to "test" me....i had one foot im the trx...the other resting on the back of my arms holding my body weight up (like in a plank/pushup position) then i had to bend my knee and bring it to my chest and back again OMG and had to do 15 of the buggars...i expected very sore abs far so good...we will see if they are sore tomorrow! lol Ahhhh I found a video of it!! LOL So i did this without the twist except nowhere near as good LOL

Anyway glad the scales are moving in the right direction. Need to buy new gym shoes tomorrow after work...then on to the gym for pump.

Big weekend this weekend (kinda lol) training with fiona for a hour saturday morning...then off to the gym for pimp and balance...after that i am meeting up with a freelance journalist who wants to talk to me about approaching the paper about running my story :) and then saturday night out for dinner with ms martine. Sunday think i might venture out to the north adelaide fashion and vintage fair.

Anyway thats it....friday tomorrow (yay)....and my weekend starts early - 3pm! Bring on this weekend :)

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