Sunday, May 06, 2012

New week....gonna hit it hard :)

Well i think the holiday is definitely over! (Not surprising since ive been home for nearly a week! lol) But this is my first full week...and now i have the info from the scans its time to settle down, focus and work on getting back under 80 kilos.

So a couple of things i am going to be mindful of with my nutrition .... maximum 100 calories per day on chocolate....increase my water...and lots of good carbs. This week i have the weekends off and im on early starts so gymming it 6 days a week is perfectly doable. So my plan (which may alter slightly as i need to change my wednesday PT session)

monday : 30 min boxing + 21 flights of stairs
tuesday : 60 mins session with fiona (running)
wednesday : 30 mins session nora plus depending when i can change that session too possibly 45 mins cycle as well
thursday : body pump + 2km run
friday : pump (will go very light)
saturday : 60 mins session with fiona + 1km run + body pump + body balance

I just need to stop doing everything half heartedly i know i can get back under 80 kilos since i was there not that long ago....this weekend also off to the health food store to pick up more healthy things...more things i can add to my cereal (like goji berries) to increase my calories healthily...and i wanna dig up some recipes for some slices i can add protein powder too to increase my protein.

As of this morning i was 500 grams down since i got back from Sydney...imagine how much i woulda lost if i was dedicated? lol. That said...exercise wise wasnt too bad....i got back monday night...i ran 2km on tuesday....wednesday i did a hour session with nora...thursday i ran with fiona for a hour and friday i did pump and cxworx so not a disaster but i think my nutrition needs attention at the moment :)

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