Friday, May 04, 2012


Ive had such a good day....and really do feel so FORTUNATE.

This morning i met sharon (shazzy from ww) for coffee and was lovely to catch up with her. I then went and did pump and cxworx class (oh my abs!) then tonight was the SPEECH!!! OMG was so nervous haha but omg it went so much better then i expected. I had written a speech out then decided to just use cue cards....well once i started talking i didnt need other! I was really concious not to talk too fast and from all accounts i didnt! Was only a small group but i thought it was the perfect size for my first go :) I got a few laughs and afterwards people said i did really well. And was so funny as i was sitting there talking...tracing my journey....i 2006 i set out to save my life...and i have done that....and its huge for me to admit i have been SUCCESSFUL. I am not finished...but really now its like ive built a statue or something...and now im just polishing it up...all the structural work is just need to add the finishing touches. Of course i still have other goals...but what i set out to do i have done. :)

Im also so lucky as i was coming home i was talking to Sarah and she was saying how long have you been hanging out more with me and fiona....and we were chit chatting and i was like ive just been so fortunate....i hired a trainer...who became a mentor...and now as well i have this nifty friendship with her and sarah....when i went to my first PT session with fiona i didnt even expect to last! Lil own have all the other gains i have had....its really enhanced my life in so many ways :)

After the speech fiona, sarah and i went out for dinner. I had crispy chicken wings with chilli sauce and then some duck...i love duck and dont have it often so that was pretty dandy!

The other plus is i am just a LIL excited (okay a whole lot excited!!) Fiona and her partner Leigh have been working on a website for me...the aim is to get my story out there...lead to motivational time make it possibly interactive...maybe run some challenges or have a forum and it be a way for people to keep up to date with what i am doing!! So TA-DA the url is - my blog will flow into there but it will get to a point at some stage where ill just update there and not on blogger but ill give lots of warning for that :)

So i am just SO aware of how fortunate i am....SUCCESSFULLY SAVING MY LIFE - you cant get better then that!! :)

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Jody said...

Hi Kazz
Well done on the speach - public speaking is rate as the most feared thing to do - so well done for getting out there and doing it.

Keep up the great work