Thursday, May 03, 2012

Another 2km run done and dusted

Had PT with Nora last nite...all i am going to say is O-M-G....first half of the hour was using the dreaded TRX...which not surprisingly left me sore abs lol then for a refreshing change some boxing followed my "OMG my head is going to explode" anxiety. LOL its hard to explain but you are standing with either leg on each side of a bench...leaning on the bench then you have to jump and your feet land on the bench and your in like a squat position....was quite positive i was going to do the biggest face plant in the world...anyway had to do 20 of the buggers....and it took me well over 20 minutes to build up the courage to do that lol

This morning the scales were down by another 400 grams :) So slowly going back down...currently 86.2 goal is to be back under 80 kilos by the time i go to Sydney in September.

Today i slept in "ahhh bliss" then went over to mums and setup her new wifi modem and ipad. I then went into town to meet up with Fiona. We went to run 2.13km i did walk twice for oh i dunno 10 seconds each time thruout it...cant believe after next week i will need to run what the!! But anyway....60 minutes later 604 calories burnt...shows u how much you burn running...we walked for 5 mins then did the 2km run and id burnt over 350 cals at that point...and that was only 22 minutes into the session!

Im realising more then headspace needs a good talking too! Less telling myself "i cant" and more "i will" i think is needed....who knew.... the harder work wouldnt be the exercise itself but whats going on inside my head!! :)

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