Tuesday, May 22, 2012

So far I am going good YAY :) This morning i was down to 88.4 kilos (was 90.3 kilos last saturday) - thank goodness! My clothes havent been feeling too comfortable...its nice they are slowly starting to sit better on me. Last nite i gymmed it...first time on a monday for agesssssssssssssssssssssssss!! Did a 30 minute boxing class and then 45 minute body combat class - burnt a great 899 calories!!! :) :) Was good classes boxing is such a huge high calorie burn for me...all the lying on the ground then jumping up for 10 seconds doing some kind of jab (and then repeat, repeat, repeat) is so hard on my heart rate! Shoots up like crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! Tonight i have rested as i am running 3 kilometres tomorrow nite....and exercising the night before i run doesnt seem to work well :( im learning this running and my other stuff is a bit of a balancing act to ensure i do what i should do on the days im not running but not so much i havent got enough energy to run.

I cant remember if i said i am starting to train with Sarah as of this week? I will still (of course) be training with fiona twice a week...thats where the focus is on running....on tuesday and saturdays....and on thursday ill be training with Sarah...so have my first session with Sarah thursday night....we wont be exercising prolly this week tho...mostly talking so we are on the same page :) Still looking forward to it. Im looking forward to getting a routine going with Fiona and Sarah....will be suggesting to Sarah i do weights with her (and fiona suggested i get her to set me weekly homework to help with the running lol...but thats good...thats what i need! If they set homework ill do it....and i prefer it that way cos then i have aims for what i need to do each week)

So its now 4 days without the diet soft drink...the headaches have definitely gone....and its funny i just feel my thinking is clearer....and that was one of the things i was struggling with over the last few months...i didnt seem able to make clear decisions. But that seems so much better now :) and i feel a lil happier and just not worrying so much....hopefully its not just my imagination!

This weekend i have a friends birthday to go out for...its for a friend i went to school with...and a few friends from school are going...whilst some of the friends have seen my photos over facebook all except once havent seen me in person for a couple of years...so will be interesting! Might need to buy a new top or something to wear :)

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