Saturday, May 19, 2012

Day 1.

So far day one back on track has gone perfectly. I had 2500 calories (my high calorie day). This morning worked out with Fiona...we first of all ran 2kms...and we were trying to do it in under 18 minute but actually managed it in 15 minutes 32 seconds. The rest of the hour we were walking with some spurts of running. In a hour i burnt a massive 695 calories :) I felt much better mentally after the session. I then went to the gym and did a hour of body pump and a hour of body balance. My metabolism must be working so much better lately....normally im not hungry after i work out and have to make myself eat. But the last few days ive noticed towards the end of the sessions getting taking this as a good sign :)

Scale 2 of my cycle and i was expecting a huge gain...but only went up 100 grams :) so while its still not a good number (90.3) its better then it could have been. I did burn 1451 calories and am confident tomorrow or monday morning ill hopefully get back under 90 kilos :) So tomorrow is rest day and below is my workout plan for the week...

monday - boxing + body combat
tuesday - running with fiona
wednesday - boxing + cycling
thursday - PT session with Sarah (first PT session so we will mainly be talking)
friday - body pump
saturday - running with fiona + body pump + body balance

So its been over 24 hours since i stopped the diet coke...i have a slight headache...ive already had a painkiller...and will take another shortly...but apart from feeling tired i do feel like im thinking clearer so thats gotta be a good sign :) Will be interesting to see how i go over the next 4-6 weeks im really hopeful that not drinking it will lead me to think clearer and not be as moody as i have been.

Not much going on tonite....night at planning to get a serve of carbonara from the local lil italian place (calculated into my calories) and soooooooooooooooooooooo looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow...bring it on!

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