Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Another 3km run :)

Mighty proud of myself tonite...and for the first time i am starting to realise running 5 kilometres IS doable!!! :) We ran 3 kilometres the rain no less...last week when we did it it took us 27 mins 45 it took 25 mins 24 ran it 2 mins 21 seconds faster - i was super impressed. And i didnt struggle too much...the pace was fine for maybe i am improving...i mean i remember when we ran the first 2 kilometres...and fiona talked most of the way and i remember saying i wasnt talking back just listening to her cos i couldnt run and talk...tonight i was able to casually talk,,,and as fiona pointed out i didnt whinge and bitch once while doing it LOL So i think my plan of not working out last night worked well. I am sure in time my body will adjust to working out the day before i am running...but if i can build this running up cos it does burn more calories then anything else...i burnt approx 120 calories every 10 minutes tonite and about 15 minutes of that time was just walking!!!

Food wise things are going good...altho i am seriously considering buying a snacks arent great...if i could make a juice and take that to would help during my breaks to avoid the carb snacks. The scales are still going down. My water intake is up to about 1.8 litres a day...over the next week or so im hoping to build that up to 3 litres a hard when its so bloomin cold!

I ate soup for lunch again today! Chicken and sweet corn soup a lil bit of extra vegies i wouldnt be normally having...super impressed! :) So its not huge changes nutrition wise...but i am making changes....and will slowly keep making more changes.

I finally finished my Schapelle corby book...ive got some other books i ordered by karin slaughter and sue grafton i have ordered fingers crossed they arrive tomorrow!


Natalie said...

I know what you mean about the water in the winter Kazz. What I've started doing is putting a bit of boiling water in the top of my bottle when I fill it. Water is a lot easier to drink at room temperature in the winter!

Georgia said...

I'm trying to do something really similar (i.e. to work up to 5k). I'm 100% in the same boat as you - if I go slowly then I can actually cover a reasonable distance, but as soon as I push myself to go a little faster, I flake early. I wonder what the best strategy is for overcoming this...?

kazz said...

Georgia - Im not overly focused on speed at the moment becuase Im so new to the running thing. But i do find my breathin improves quite a bit when i am doing regular stair climb...i believe doing speed intervals helps with increasing your speed ... up to 1 minute going fast then going at a slower pace or for those clever enough jumping on the side of the treadmill for a short rest. Im impressed tho i can run for 25 minutes....for my cardio burn it would be nice to eventually be able to run/jog for up to a hour or so :)

Georgia said...

Yeah - that's exactly what I've been doing, Kazz. You're right - it does get easier over time...just slowly... I'm yet to reach 25 minutes of jogging straight, but can easily do intervals of 3-4 minutes, followed by a minute or so of walking and repeat that for about 40 minutes...I guess I'll just have to stick at it! Good to know there other people plodding around Melbourne in the same boat as me :)