Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Well in so many ways things have turned a corner :) As i said on a previous post i was going to follow a different principal with my eating of "eat more weigh less" with this plan especially the first month it can be testing as often it takes a month or so to get some losses....ive been lucky tho....since starting it (day one was saturday) i gained 700 grams initially....ive since lost that plus another 2.1 cannot complain...

Recently ,,,, a really bad habit of mine....i pretty much got put into my place over lol...I am pretty sure ive mentioned several times when things get hard i tend to run away...ive done it ever since i was a kid. Anyway something with my training cropped up that was hard for me....and i pretty much felt like a dork and a loser...and really just didnt want to deal with it told fiona i wasnt going to do it anymore....pretty much i got called out on it lol...not to say i think i am completely wrong with my thinking i think some aspects as im right....but i definitely do run away when things get hard so im sticking it out.

Exercise wise has been really good the last few days....911 calories burnt last night n 930 calories burnt tonite. Tuesday night i also somehow managed to run for 2 kilometres.....bit ecstatic that i actually managed to do it. Today was a PT session and then RPM....glad i am getting back into the exercise :)

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