Saturday, April 21, 2012

Weeks Results.

So today is now a full week of doing the "eat more, weigh less" philosophy....i had done enough reading to know it might take 4-6 weeks to see a loss...but i knew this was a more healthy body wouldnt be trying to eat away at muscle, i would have enough energy for workouts, more nutrients in my body, not feeling deprived and hopefully break that binge cycle. So now a week is done...i didnt binge once :) and even better i wasnt even tempted....wasnt even a thought....i lost 2.1 kilos.....two other interesting things....where i am always freezing....ive definitely been warmer and also ive been quite tired especially the last few days....but that was a side effect I had read about and know it will settle down after a few weeks.

This morning i trained. Did a one hour workout....I really realise that breaking these mental barriers is not going to be easy! There was some exercises today i quite obviously could do...i think the hard part is how different this is...and how each session taking pull ups/chin ups for example...we do it different ways....whether its bands....on a bar or whatever so its hard to compare and think .... it feels easier today then last week...cos there isnt that comparison i realise why it isnt the same all the time...its (i guess) so its at varying degrees of hardness and i know you want to constantly change up your im not complaining...its just hard for me to judge if i am improving or not (which to be honest i dont think i am lol) when i trained with fiona at the gym and we did lots of weight was easy to see the improvement as the weight amounts increased you knew you were doing better. But anyway that doesnt mean i am going to throw the towel in.... i know its just all different and with luck ill adjust etc...i spoke to fiona about it today and she thinks i need to verbalise it more during the session...but in all honesty thats not really me...i get why she is saying it but dont know if thats ever going to happen lol. Hopefully several months down the track i will see the benefits of training the way we are.

The other thing is...i dont think i have the body to do pushups or pullups. Over my time at the gym....ive increased my fitness...but i cant really think of anything i couldnt do that i can do now...i may not have wanted to do things....or i may have struggled....and not had the fitness level to do it well...but i could at least struggle thru and manage to do whatever exercise...chin ups and pushups are not things i can do at all...its not a case of increasing my fitness and i will suddenly be able to do them or whatever. I also dont have the body for these things....lets face it....people who do these kind of exercises successfully....prolly were never 170+ kilos...they are strong...have muscle...have definition...and they have athletic ability....they arent someone with a pile of excess skin...with fat on my stomach and thighs...(im not talking about a thin layer of fat a real fat stomach and fat thighs) and while yes im not big on my top certainly not muscular or have strength there....quite the opposite....even if i look at what i do in pump....i do very small weights...i struggle to do 3.75kilos in the bicep/tricep/chest fact i rarely do 3.75 and more often just do 2.5kilos on each end...doing things like squats i can get the weights pretty high and could prolly go a lot higher then i do...hmmmm im really rambling now lol....

Tonight im just chilling...relaxing....tomorrow i am having a nice big sleep in (hopefully) then need to clean the house and get the washing all done so it wont take me much to pack on wednesday. I will be flying out to Sydney before i know it (5 sleeps only!) really cannot wait for this 10 days off work...i havent had any annual leave (apart from the odd day here or there) since its overdue!!

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Jackie said...

Wow that trip to Sydney has come around so quick..... :)