Sunday, April 15, 2012


Well yesterday was a good day yet at the same time made me realise how this bad eating is affecting my body. When i woke i thought enough is enough....and started thinking about how many calories i should stick too...logged onto my and started doing some reading (great amounts of knowledge on those forums) anyway without getting too technical i decided i would eat 90% of me TDEE (check out this link for more info s-it-and-why-you-should-not-eat-below-your-bmr) but when i also take my exercise into account not to eat under 1605 cals. So....90% of my TDEE is 2100 cals...yesterday i burn 1059 cals...which meant i really only took in 1100 i added a extra 500 cals to my food of the day (and think about it....when i was eating 1200 cals per day and burning 400-1000 cals per day - no wonder i was freaking starving and starting a cycle of binging!) but i read up on this quite a does say you may initially gain as you are basically reseting your metabolism and it may be 3-4 weeks till you see movement in the right direction. Today i did gain 700 grams...but its day 2 of my cycle and usually gain on day 2 of my cycle (and usually gain up to about 1.5 kilos) so not worried...will keep eating good :)) Im also going to really focus on getting my protein up...its recommended 1 gram per pound of weight so for my it would be around 175-180 grams of protein which is a LOT and might take me a bit to work up to but its a focus.

Yesterday I did a hour workout outdoor...then 60 mins body pump and 60 mins body balance...must admit by the time body balance had come around i was exhausted and not too interested in exercising...i think i didnt have enough energy cos of my food. Then last nite i went out for dinner with Martine and Tina...i tracked everything...had 2 pieces of bruschetta and carbonara toretelini with a skim hot chocolate and a mini macaron ... all up put me 11 calories under for the day LOL so i did good :)

During the night i woke up with a sore up took some painkillers and ended up with freaking heart burn! Yes my body is telling me to get back to eating good lol!! I can still feel it a bit at 9am in the morning :( but im sure i know how to remedy it...and thats gettig back into the good food.

I also got given the running program for me the training has 3 runs for the week...2 x 2km runs at a slow pace...then a 1km run at a moderate pace.

Also got my heart rate monitor battery replaced so back using i can be accurate with everything.

Today im at work...doing 4 hours of overtime - all extra spending money for syndey hehe :)

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