Sunday, April 15, 2012

My new eating plan explained

I posted the above thread on my facebook today and it led to a number of questions so I decided to write a post about it. Now this eating plan is basically as much as you can to get the losses...

Now to go thru this bit by bit. First thing you need to know your weight in pounds - to work this out times your weight in kilos by 2.2

So we will use myself as a example - and while i didnt want to post this...i currently weigh 88.4 to get my weight in pounds you multiply by 2.2 = 194.48.

You then have to work out your maintenance calorie this is the number of calories if you ate every day would enable you to maintain your weight. So you need to work out how active you are...

Sedentary 10-11
Lightly active 11-12
Moderately active 12-13
Very active 14-15
Extremely active 18-19

Now if you have a lot of weight to lose take the lower number and multiply it by your weight in pounds...if you are close to goal then take the higher number.

Now to work out what your level is you need to think about your job and exercise. So for example....sedentry would be a office worker who does no exercise. I am a office worker but I do a lot of exercise so for me i would be moderately active. So we take my weight in pounds and multiply it by 13 since in relatively close to my goal weight.

so 194.48 x 13 = 2528.24 calories.

So what this is saying if I ate that many calories every day I would maintain my weight.

But we want to lose weight right? So we need a to get a deficit we deduct 10-15% from our maintenance level. I am going to start with a 10% deficit my maintenance is 2528.24 calories...10% of that is 252.824...sooooo.....

i take my maintenance cals is 2528.24 and i deduct 10% which is 252.824 which equals 2275.416 calories.

Given that i should lose about half a kilo a week.

The next thing to focus on is your protein, aim for 1 gram of protein per every pound you weigh. So for me....i should eat about 194 grams of protein per day. So thats my macronutrient goal.

It is also recommended that every 3 months you have one week off from counting calories and exercise this is suppose to help balance your hormones and help with recovery.

The last thing to be aware of is for a lot of us this will mean we are eating more calories....but eating this way is resetting your metabolism. So you may initially have a gain...but what you need to remember that the only way to gain half a kilo of FAT is to eat your maintenance calories PLUS a additional 3500 calories....if you havent done that any gains are fluid. This way of eating also may take 3-4 weeks to show a loss...this isnt about a quick loss diet plan....but it is something that is sustainable for life.

*** If you have any other questions your question is most likely answered in the link i posted at the top of the page...***


Magpie said...

Kazz, I worked out my maintenance calories as 3186, I am on 1600 a day and not loosing for a month. I am really worried about eating 2500
a day. What do you think ?

kazz said...

Ill admit is scary. Im currently eating 2275 calories. But you would be still eating under maintenance level so at worse you should maintain...the only thing is if you do this you need to commit to it for a month or so you may initially gain some people take 4-6 weeks to see losses....but it just strikes me as such a healthier way physically and mentally to go about things.

kazz said...

I would also read this if considering doing it