Friday, April 06, 2012

On the right path....I

I feel much better fact the minute i had written last nights post i felt better. I think i was trying to stay with what i was doing cos that was expected of me (by the gym) but i knew eating such a lil amount was just getting me into a bad cycle of binging. So i ended up eating 1900 cals...i upped the cals by having a tin of tuna plus 2 protein shakes...i felt the minute i made the decision just a huge sigh if my focus this week will be on jsut sticking to my calories for 7 binging...if i do that then that is a massive improvement. Also as a side note even tho i ate 1900 cals i dropped 1.2 kilos so back down to 81.1 kilos so very happy with that. :) I think my thinking is just changing back to what it should be....just a focus on remembering that exercise is beneficial so much more then the calories i really need to bring that focus back on good healthy eating with a good level of exercise without overtraining.

Work was very busy this morning but a bit of a breeze this afternoon :) Gotta love that! Tomorrow morning training with Fiona...then body pump for a hour followed by body balance for a sister comes down tomorrow afternoon from Streaky Bay so with luck will catch up with them saturday night....if not....will definitely catch up on sunday :)

My treats for easter sunday is going to be a hot cross bun from brumbys (i was stunned they are only 20 more calories then the crappy lil ones you buy at grocery stores) and im gonna buy a small packet of lindt chocolate balls...dark chocolate ones if possible (discoverred they are 80 calories a OMG!!! no wonder i have to save them for special occassions! lol)

I am rather sore from wednesday nights weight session (we are working on me doing pullups) my upper back near my armpits...and arms are all sore....they are going to be fun tomorrow ! LOL

Have a good easter saturday all :)

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Jackie said...

Have a lovely easter and enjoy that hot cross bun and those balls lol.