Saturday, April 07, 2012

Good, good!!

I cannot say how happy i am that i have gone back to 1700 calories and calorie cycling. Its not that im getting to eat more...altho not starving is bloomin nice!!! But it just feels like a weight of me...and so far its going good....after 2 days of eating MORE ive dropped 1.8 i am back down to 80.5 kilos *happy, happy!!!* I briefly chatted to fiona today and she agreed...while were not saying im not going to lose anymore weight....its a good time to focus on good habits and exercising well and putting good nutritious food into my body :)

With it being easter tomorrow...i bought 2 hot cross buns from brumbys (no packet of half dozen here at my house! LOL) and i bought a box of 150 grams of Lindt mixed chocolate...was really hoping to get some white Lindt chocolate balls but they didnt have 150 grams is still quite a bit of chocolate...i feel like i have really spoilt myself....but as its only 150 grams (less then a block of chocolate...and real nice stuff will be like a complete treat!)

Today i did a hour long outdoor hard LOL lots of ab work plus more work on me being able to do pull ups...this is going to be a long process till i can do them but each session will be a additional step towards doing them (as well as building a awesome chest, arm and back muscles -rawr-), i then went and did a 60 minute body pump class and a 60 minute body balance class. I was impressed i did 5 kilos on each end of the bar for both lunges and squats -rawr- slowly building those weights up!! :) Body balance was a new release (anyone done it yet?) i was impressed with how well i did dancers pose, star and obvious how much my balance has increased! Was a hard release but enjoyed it (im sure ive mentioned how i love body balance....especially the last 5 minutes of meditation lol)

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