Thursday, April 05, 2012

Has a plan !

The scales are still pretty much all over the place. This morning i was 82.3 kilos...I have 9 weeks left to the foxy challenge...because i have committed to doing the challenge i feel that i have to see their eating plan out...the problem is i suspect its too low calories....dont get me wrong when i religiously follow it i drop...but some days are as low as 1100 cals (highest day is around 1380 cals) so im torn altho i wonder if its supposedly not enough food why fernwood would have it as part of their challenge?? Ive looked online as several calorie calculators and a lot recommend 1500-1661...and to be honest...i dont want to starve but i also want results. In a few weeks time i am getting the DEXA scan done....that will give me a lot more info... I personally would prefer to lose only 200 or 300 grams a week but have consistent losses...but i feel like im doing "wrong" if i dont stick to fernwoods plan. I keep telling people they need to "make a plan" i really need to do the same. I know Jillian has talked on her shows about when you get close to goal what you should im trying to go thru her radio shows to find this...didnt find it on her radio show but did in her book "making the cut"...she says to eat your BMR and exercise 4 days a week....Fiona gave me a set of scales that measure body fat, skeleton, water etc....they currently show my BMR as 1702. I think i will weigh in in the morning and confirm what my BMR is...i do feel bad to not stick out fernwoods plan....but i just dont think this being restrictive and then overeating is not getting me "healthy"....So i think i will eat 1700 calories and go back to what works for me...and that is calorie cycling...and then look at my weight next week...maybe it will need to come down a im going to focus on still getting as much protein in me as possible....the very worst at this weight i should maintain. So im going to do the higher calorie days on my big exercise next weeks exercise routine will be:

friday : day off
saturday : training with fiona for a hour + body pump + body balance
sunday : 6km walk
monday : day off
tuesday : 1 hour PT with fiona
wednesday : PT with Nora + Cycle Class
thursday : Body pump + Body Step

Foodwise my calories will be

friday : 1400
saturday : 2100
sunday : 1600
monday : 1300
tuesday : 1700
wednesday : 1800
thursday : 2000

Exercise wise we are pumping things up a bit .... i wanna build more we are going to be not only work on the running but also into doing chin ups....which should assist me in toning more and building muscle...and getting more definition in my upper body :) Plus I think once i have been to Sydney and have the DEXA scan i will have a VERY accurate body fat percentage and BMR and do things more accurately :) So i am far from giving up....but do think its important i get more consistent and healthier....cos this eating 1100 calories...and then 3 days later wanting to eat everything I lay my eyes on is not how i saw or see myself as a healthy person! Plus I will of course keep restricting my processed foods...fernwoods foxy plan certainly gave me some good ideas for some different foods :)

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