Monday, April 02, 2012

April Goals :)

Today was MOSTLY a good day lol. I didnt start work till 9.30am,,,so i went to the gym before work. Did body pump...ever since i hurt my back ive been very cautious in body pump...but have been very slowly increasing my weights on the back track (im mostly concerned with the back and shoulder track) anyway...last week i did 2.5 kilos on each end of the bar for the back I increased it to 3.5 kilos on each end and had no problems :) So ill be doing pump on thursday....ill up it to 3.75kilos on each end....and then leave it for a bit...the absolute maximum ill go too will be 5 kilos on each not even going to tempt fate with my back! But i was super happy with how well i did this morning!

I then went to work...because i was starting late...lunch wasnt till 2pm...and at 11.30am im saying to ryan "im so hungry i could eat a horse" and i kid you not within 5 minutes of saying that a cadbury chocolate rabbit landed on my desk....haha landed and was then gobbled up ;) I have a sneaky suspicion they will give us one more chocolate present (hello work! White chocolate lindt balls please!! lol) ive decided on sunday for easter sunday....ill buy one hot cross bun from brambys and one small lil packet of lindts chocolate balls and thats it...hopefully i survive the weekend my sister i think is coming down this weekend with means meals at mum which i always struggle with...but fingers crossed that all goes well. I will gym it saturday morning and might even venture down for a walk around the torrens (enjoyed that so much last weekend)

Tomorrow im working and then training with Fiona tomorrow nite....3rd day in a row exercising...ive set some goals for April including some non scale they are

* To be under 79 kilos
* To attend 20 group fitness classes (1 down...19 to go)
* And to run 2km non stop

Hers to a good April :)

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