Sunday, April 01, 2012

Such a good day today :) Met up with Fiona at the torrens we walked around it with some intervals of running. Much as I grumbled LOL i soooooooooo want to be able to run but sometimes i dont feel like i am getting anywhere with it....on the last interval tho fiona was like "i was following you were going faster" YAY cos i didnt even set out to try and go faster...not quite sure how it happened LOL. So looking forward to getting the running plan this week and hopefully i cn make some improvements in that area. Afterwards fiona and i walked into town and grabbed some quick lunch and then went shopping! Who woulda thought it,,,,me trying on clothes in country road :) I ended up buying to Lorna Jane tops (of course!) and a veronika maine and a portmans top..yay :)

My food has been really, really good today...very ecstatic about that...and i cant even tell you how relieved i am to think i dont have to weigh in the morning...not cos i think it will be a bad result...but just the pressure of feeling bad if the scales dont respond how i feel they should. Its a weight of my mind....

Not much else going on...up early tomorrow morning for pump at 7am...have a good week all! :)

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