Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I realise now my goals are not the same as they were 5.5 years ago....5.5 years ago my goal was to meet a me that meant i would "have a life" but these days that has changed...ive realised that my vision of to "have a life" is more about living more....i really just want to live a adventure...theres so many things i think of that i would like to do...
-adventure caving (okay doing that one soon!)
-visit snow/skiing
-tennis lessons
-horse riding
-rock climbing
-reach 75 kilos
-take a overseas trip
-eureka tower climb

Adventure caving is the first on the list to be i will be doing that on april 28th :)

Ive decided also to go back to using my HRM to assist with me setting goals with exercise...the battery needs replacing which ill go get done on friday nite. Today i did a 30 min PT session with Nora...then went for a run around the torrens with Fiona. Tomorrow nite body pump and thats about it. I am starting to give thought to more varied ways of exercising....i need more "fresh" go do and think wow yeh that was good :)

Nora told me today my leg muscles are very developed and much stronger then my upper body so we arent going to focus so much on my leg arms arent that strong so she wants me to focus on not surprised by a absolute weakling in pump especially when it comes to the bicep and tricep track lol

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