Thursday, March 15, 2012

Well this morning the scales were 83.9 1.9 kilos down since monday :) So i am very happy with that.

My back has been playing up the last day or two so i had some treatment on it today...feels better at the moment...hope it keeps improving. She told me to be careful with doing stuff where im pushing weights etc above my shoulders....i was going to do pump tomorrow looks like that is out since I wouldnt be able to do the back track. Instead i will go to the markets and get my food all sorted out with lots of healthy, organic foods!! Saturday morning i am training with Fiona and might also manage to do body balance.

Must admit today i caved and had a caramello bear ooops! Rest of my food was pretty good...altho i was disorganised and had subway for dinner....i researched subway a few years ago and they put so much crap into them...but anyway i had it....just a ham six inch salad.


Breakfsat : 2 weetbix + 40 grams sultanas + 1 tablespoon chia seeds and skim milk
Snack : banana + 1 tablespoon natural peanut butter
Lunch : chicken + avocado + tomato sandwich + 1 small skim hot chocolate
Snack : 1 brookfarm bar + 1 carmello bar
Dinner : 6 inch ham and salad roll

Oh and i applied for a new position in the company today. Its in the city which would be perfect. Im not setting my heart on it....if its meant to be ill get it if not i wont. :) and even better news....tomorrow is friday YAY :)

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