Friday, March 16, 2012

Foxy challenge...come and get me!!

The scales had dropped to 83.3 kilos this morning :) So thats 2.5 kilos since monday...cant complain about that. Dropped into the gym today to pick up the stuff for the foxy challenge...this year they include menu plans and theres two menu plans ... one is to "lighten up" and one is "keep it lean" ...the lighten up one was too high in carbs for me and worked out approximately 1650 cals per day....even tho its meant for losing weight...i still wanna lose another 10-15 kilos...but the level of carbs scares me off...the "keep it lean" one is approx 1250 cals per day and a much lower carb level. (Having PCOS i cant overly eat carbs) when i did 1200 cals earlier in the year i did lose initially...and then i im going to try it cautiously. I have input all of next weeks menus in my mypalfitness...i have decided tho not to eat low fat when it comes to things like tzatiki, cheese, etc and only have low fat milk and yoghurt (jalna) but that said by making them non low fat...i only was hitting around 1250 cals. So i am going to give this a real good shot...if i find i dont lose...ill add calories to bring my cals up to 1450 cals per day with calorie cycling...but i wanna really give this a shot. The foxy challenge is a 'competition' but im not interested in that aspect of i said last year...the only competition im interested in is with myself to ensure i do my best. I dont want to set a ridiculous goal going to set 3 reach 77 kilos, my body fat get under 30% and to fit into my size large pink cargo flashdance pants...if i meet one of those goals...perfect! But with luck maybe ill reach all 3....time will tell! So im excited to have a 12 week period to try and reach some goals...would be FABULOUS to hit that 77 kilos!! The other thing i am going to do is....NO yiros while im doing the foxy challenge...i really wanna give myself the best shot to reach my goals!

This arvo i have had a bloody sore feels very hard quite high up...and very tight....feeling a lil better at the moment so hopefully it will keep improving. So glad this week of 6.30am starts is over! I can sleep in tomorrow...OMG so excited!!! lol all for a bloomin sleep in! In the morning i should be training with fiona...with luck i can make body balance too...have a good weekend all!

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