Saturday, March 17, 2012

OMG hello size 8's :)

Well the good news is i was down to 82.5 kilos this morning!! :) 3.3 kilos down since tuesday morning - gotta love that!!

This morning did a training session outdoors...then went to the gym and did pump and body balance...:) I didnt wear my heart rate monitor but did a good workout. I feel parts of me sore already lol. After the gym i went to target....i needed a new frypan...and i still had money from the vouchers still i walked in grabbed a frypan then noticed they had 20% off womens clothes....and a jumper caught my eye...i picked up the size 10 but it looked grabbed a size 8 (omg!!) It fitted me and in fact is quite loose on me...then i spotted another i liked....its a more fitted style but size 8 fit me too!! Thats crazy. Cos you know you have perceptions in your head of what different sizes "look like" and to me size 8's are for tiny, delicate looking people. Not me! I still think i look at least a size 14 its very bizarre to think thats me fitting into just doesnt correlate....and for one of them to be rather loose...i had to try on several size 8's in the same jumper to ensure it wasnt labelled wrong.

Wednesday at work will be interesting this week as we are having "harmony day", basically each team picks a country....decorates their area as their country...dress for that country (if they can) and then also bring in food for that country. My teams country is Greece. So we are having greek salad, eggplant lasagne, watermelon and feta salad with ouzo dressing,greek cakes, greek biscuits, baklava, pita bread and tzatiki - hummm sounds like lots of yummy stuff!!! LOL i figure ill get one plate only for lunch and ill have half the plate with eggplant lasagne and greek salad...ill also have a couple of biscuits and one cake. It will be a high calorie lunch but that should keep everything in control. The big key will be not going back for seconds!! So wednesday night will be a definite gym nite! lol

So on to the plan for this week is:

monday - 30 min boxing class + body combat + 30 mins cross trainer
tuesday - 60 mins training with fiona
wednesday - 60 min boxing class + 45 min cycle class
thursday - 45 mins treadmill/cross trainer
friday - body pump + cxworx (has anyone done this class? whats your thoughts?)
saturday - 60 mins training with fiona + body pump + body balance

And with that...time for me to go and relax! Have a fab saturday all!!!

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Natalie said...

OMG Kazz, size 8 IS tiny! You are officially entering teeny tiny zone :-) Well done!