Sunday, March 18, 2012

Well today wasnt great eating wise...too much thinking i think. I know people say how well ive done....and im not disputing that....but in lots of ways im not where i want to be. That saying that being skinny doesnt make life perfect is true. Dont get me wrong i lead a happy lil life mostly...but i think i hoped that i would grow more confident once i lost the weight...which i thought would lead to a more social active life .... that hasnt really happened....yes i am more confident then i once was...but i guess i had visions of becoming this person with this great social life who was having to choose between social outings....and lets face it...thats just NOT me! And when i look at my fitness levels its really not where i would like it...i cant breathe well when i run (to run a 5k really seems like a goal thats not meant for me) .... ill never be able to do full pushups ...and burpees well lets not go down get me wrong of course im hugely healthier but ARGH its like so many of the goals i set are just unattainable.

I think what i need to just lose those expectations...just do what i do to get as healthy as possible...

Anyway onto other things...the foxy challenge starts tomorrow...and i need to commit myself to these 12 weeks...ive bought the first 2 days of food....ive made some subtle changes (like plums instead of nectarines...snapper instead of salmon) is going to be weird not having weetbix everymorning for breakfast.

Im really sore from training yesterday...sore butt, upper legs and abs...poor me hehehe....hope theyre not as sore tomorrow as tomorrow nite is boxing and body combat time. So fingers crossed tomorrow goes well .... no processed foods at all! Wish me luck :)

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