Tuesday, March 27, 2012

So i have decided that my lil mini goal is going to be wear my Lorna Jane pink camoflage flash dance pants on the plane when going to Sydney on april 26th. I would be ECSTATIC to wear them...time will tell...this morning i was 79.5 kilos .... ive got 4 weeks to go from thursday....to lose 2.5 kilos....hopefully i can do it i think if i lost another couple of kilos they may fit me...im quite aware that i really struggled previously once i got under 79 kilos....but this plan seems to be working so well for me so im hopeful to be 77 kilos by the 26th :)

This afternoon i have a hour of PT with Nora...expecting to be sore tomorrow lol...and talking of tomorrow...back to work after 5 days off...sigh LOL oh well hurry up April 25 when im off for 10 days!!

Nothing else to say...(how boring is this journal lately! lol) have a good tuesday all :)

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