Monday, March 26, 2012


So after 7 days on fernwoods meal plan...ive got from 83.8 kilos to 80.3 kilos...i was really hoping to sneak under 80 kilos so a lil disappointed...but still ecstatic. Especially considering i had a few social functions in there. I would LOVE to be 79.3 kilos by thursday....but think that would be hoping for too much....ive lost 1 kilo since thursday by my scales...if i hit 2 kilos that would be AMAZING...since ive gone back to slim about a month ago ive not had one i will love to walk into that room and score a loss :) Of course i am now starting to get near that 79 kilo mark where i never seem to get under for more then a day....i really hope this new eating plan enables me to get under it and stay under it!

I rang about the job interview this i have a appointment with them next wednesday suppose to train at 5pm with will have to see if i can get in later that day...cos while its likely i wont be there for a hour i dont want to lose a session if i can help it...if not might have to do a hour session the following week. I have a hour session with her tomorrow nite so will suss that out then. This weekend i will go shopping to find a top for the interview i have black pants and a black jacket but i want to buy a new top....part of the job description mentions theres a big focus on presentation and whilst 5 years ago i would have struggled with that i feel confident with that side of things these days...and of course if i do get this job will have to buy some new clothes as it will be slightly more corporate wear then my Lorna Jane clothes i currently wear!

So right now life is pretty good...enjoy your week all!

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