Sunday, March 25, 2012

Good weekend :)

So its been a good couple of days :) Friday i gymmed it at lunch time....did pump and cxworx....that cxworx certainly works out the core! When the instructor came around to collect the tickets for the class (shes not a instructor i normally have) she was like...oh your the girl who has lost lots of weight! (oh the fame lol) I then went to mums...i talked her into steak and salad for dinner. So we went to the greengrocers bought lots of yummy stuff and made a delicious healthy salad. The only unfortunate thing apart from the whole "you dont need to lose any more weight" conversation....was they are biscuit feinds! After dinner was this cheese biscuit thing they gave out which was rather large,,,,then mum bough out some "snack right" 98% fat free biscuits....mum doesnt quite get it that just cos it says 98% fat free doesnt make it healthy unfortunately. And whilst there my sister and niece turned up :)

Saturday morning i did a hour long workout with running...lots of abs and balance kinda stuff....then i went to the gym and did pump and balance. Ive been very careful in pump since i did my back....and feel its now time to SLOWLY increase the weights...ive especially been careful with the back track, shoulder track and bicep track. For those 3 tracks i had only been using 1.25 kilos on each end...which is pretty much equal to nothing! LOL But i dont want to hurt my back again....and even tho i know as Bek told me i need to not be "scared" of exercise....i also want to increase the weight safely. So i did 2 kilos on each end for all 3 tracks yesterday...and whilst im sore its all a good i think when i do pump next (not sure i can make it this week - unless i was to get up early tomorrow!) but next time i will do 2.5 kilos. The chest track i did 3.75 kilos...which just about killed me lol...3.75 kilos for the warm up...5 kilos for the squat and 3.75 kilos for the im slowly increasing them and absolutely no pain after yesterday. I know the absolute most i will go up to in the back is to 5 kilos...ill never go higher then that again. After that and balance i then went home for a nap LOL then last night i went to my cousins 40th birthday...which was SO good! When my dad died when i was 14 mum didnt keep in touch with dads recent years my sister and i have got in back in contact with my aunty gwen and cousin jacqui whose party it was we saw about 2 years ago....but my Uncle Dan (my dads brother) and his wife my aunty clare came down...there son (my cousin) mathew came as well as well as his family. It was be sitting in a circle of about 10 people and they are all family REAL family was awesome :) My Uncle Dan said "i see jimmy (my dad) in both of you....even with body language and facial expressions....and i havent seen those for a real long time" I loved that comment! They also told me one of my second cousins (who i did meet last nite) they didnt think she looked like any immediate family and then were like...who she looks like is karyn as a kid....and when we left my sister was like...she does look like you did...same hair colour....cut in a fringe and long ....and she is a slim lil thing like i was that was quite funny (in a good way) to hear....she is very quiet like i was as a kid too. But it was a fab nite...lots of hugs...and photos which i am sure will appear on fb next week sometime. Foodwise i didnt do too bad at the party...i didnt eat any nibbly stuff...the party was at 5pm which made it hard to eat dinner before hand....i drank mineral water all nite...i had one small sausage roll...a couple of pieces of chicken and a few bits of cheese and some pasta salad. And 2 cupcakes and one slice of birthday cake lol...oh well...wasnt perfect...but it was okay considering...and today im completely back on track..the scales had been down to 80.3 kilos yesterday morning but jumped up to 80.9 kilos this morning...but im sure thats just fluid from sugar and not too still 400 grams down from what i was on thursday morning...fingers crossed for a good number tomorrow morning :)

The other good news is i heard about the job i applied for! They want me to come in for a chat in the next week or i will ring them first thing tomorrow morning to make a time for that :) Fingers crossed!!!

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