Friday, March 23, 2012

in the zone :)

Well i will start by saying i am so in the zone. :) I have been following foxys meal plans (apart from wednesday at work) monday morning i was 83.8kilos this morning 80.8 kilos - so back to 90.1 kilos - cannot complain about that! Im really enjoying the eating and hoping this is the plan which will see me get to goal. Initially my mini goal is 77 kilos...which puts me in the healthy weight range...but so i have a buffer i would like to get to at lest 75 kilos (i still am eyeing of 68-72 kilos tho) so thats the aim for the 12 weeks of the foxy to lose 8.5 kilos...which would put me at 75 kilos on the gyms scales and 72.8 kilos on my scales (crap that sounds teeny tiny!! lol)

Anyway so i did my weigh in at the gym last night for start of the challenge. 83.5 kilos (im always several kilos higher on their scales) and 36% body fat. She was very impressed with my waist measurement which is 79 that is "healthy" :) YAY for being healthy lol

Then last night i watched "hungry for change" if you want to watch some thing of being the healthiest you can be...with a holistic approach you should watch it...check it out at

So this morning i hit 80.8 kilos which was a 500 gram drop overnight. Today im off to body pump and cxwork classes...if i get there early enough might run a lil bit before the left upper thigh has been giving me some grief when running i wanna test it and see how it is...its been feeling quite tight when the muscle is stretched (like when i sit on the floor crosslegged) so will give me a idea how it is. Tomorrow morning its outdoor training with ms fiona and then afterwards pump and balance. Tomorrow night i have my cousins 40th. And tonite my sister and niece arrives so will see them tonite. Gonna be at mums for dinner...but i will simply have a small piece of protein and bread and no desserts :) But at my cousins birthday i will have one treat...whether its a slice of cake or whatever (its at 5pm so guessing dinner of some sort is provided and im guessing birthday cake!) Im sure there will be some photos which i will add next week. Its a dress up party (70's theme) but i am piking and wearing just jeans and a jumper LOL i might wear my wedge style heels...they are 70's lol!! Busy few days...and just about time for me to get ready for the gym...enjoy all!!

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