Friday, March 30, 2012

Week 1 Foxy Weigh In

Well i weighed in last nite for my first official week of the foxy challenge....the thing to note with this weigh in is they had new my scales at home id lost 1.6 kilos over the week...there scales showed a 2.4 kilo loss and a 1.5% drop in body fat...which i am happy with exceptttttttttttt....i know over the last 4 days the scales have gone up...monday morning i was 79.5 kilos this morning 80.2 anyone who has ready my journal for a while will prolly realise im back at a similar spot...i sit here and fluctuate between 79 kilos and 81 kilos. Overnight was the biggest jump in the scales (500 grams) and yesterday the foxy meal plan was relatively high in carbs (half a bagel, a mountain bread wrap and half a cup of cooked rice) I know it doesnt sound like a lot of carbs...but for someone with PCOS like me ... it is...specially the rice at dinner time. Today is lower in carb, just 1/3 cup muesli, 1 mountain bread wrap and 5 water will see what happens over the next few days.

Ultimately if i am down at this weight and its not going to is going to really be time for me to start thinking about the next step. One being maintenance (seriously how the hell do you do that??? I have no freaking idea....thats a whole new ball game in itself) and the other thing is to decide whether i do want to focus on building muscle or not. Last year the last few months fiona was at the gym i did build some muscle specially across my shoulders..since then i havent...i may have even lost a lil tone. One of the problems being i am a lil over the gym, i dont think its the gym itself....i think its the travelling. Of cours if i get this job i have applied for that would get rid of that issue as i would walk to the gym from drama. So if i decide that yes i do want to focus on building muscle i need to come up with a plan for that...i dont know that just doing Les Mills classes would achieve that and of cours i would need to commit to working out 5-6 days per week. If i decide not to go ahead with that path...i think i will prolly not renew my gym membership...instead continue working out with fiona twice a week and maybe exercising on my own (maybe walks or maybe the occassional exercise dvd) my gut tells me to not be a lazy ass and work on building muscle cos i would LOVE a more toned body...i just think maybe im too lazy to do that lol.

Tonite tho i am going into the gym after work...going to do body pump and sunday i am working out with fiona. Next week i am on late starts so i will try and get my ass out of bed early and gym it before work. Thing is if i decide i want to focus on building muscle i think i would need to figure out a plan and not be wandering around aimlessly. I mean whether its doing Jillians 30 day shred....or P90x (doubt i would do that) i just need to come to some conclusions...come up with a plpan and then committ (the hard part!)

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Pinky said...

Sounds like things are moving again in the right direction - Good luck with the next stage