Saturday, December 24, 2011

Xmas Eve :)

WOW xmas eve...seems like just yesterday it was the start of the year!!! Food wise i havent been so good...have discoverred a few things....hungry jacks is not all its cracked up to be! Had it and thought BLAH couldnt believe it i use to love their food lol Im also missing being hungry at meal time....i tend to graize.....and i seriously miss those hunger pains. Exercise wise tho ive been super good!!! My back seems to respond so good when i exercise...when i go 24 hours or so with no exercise i tend to get stiff and the pain worse. So thursday night i did body balance. Friday morning i ran 2kilometres (yes me!!!) then did body combat....then i trained with Fiona today (YAY!!) we did a 2km run @ a speed of 8 .... then i "jumped" 500 times with a skipping rope (broken up into 2 x 200 jumps and 1 x 100 jumps) then i did 12 pushups with my feet on a bench ... my goodness never done that before !!! Somehow i managed it altho i wasnt going down very low.

I then went shopping...mum gave me money for xmas and i wanted jeans. Ive always worn target was super exciting to get some from jeanswest (went to buy them at just jeans but their customer service sucked so they werent getting my money) the guy at jeanswest was i got two pairs both size 14!!! YAY Then wandered to rebel sport got 3 new workout outfits. Adidas and Running Bare ones...all size 10 :)(Progress pic of black jeans and one of the tops below), I then bought also some resistance bands and two new books (a karin slaughter one...and the sweet poison one on sugar in your diet) Great shopping day!!

I am going to map out a 2km run to do in the morning using my runkeeper program to track it ! Then prolly tomorrow afternoon i will do a 6km walk (need to keep this back moving!!), and possibly tuesday me and Fiona are going to go and do a outdoor run...really working on getting ready for this run on January 13!

I have some plans for next of them is getting my own website up which Fiona and her partner are helping with (okay they are actually doing it! lol) :) and also want to look at possibly doing some motivational ABN number yesterday YAY :) so thats another step closer to things.

Ive planned some treats for tomorrow :) Ham and cheese croissant for breakfast with chocolate milk. Lunch roast chicken and pasta salad. Not going to have any bread or anything. Strawberries, bananas and blueberries. My "dessert" i bought 6 mini mud cakes decorated like xmas puddings....they are about the size of a 20 cent piece...i figure they will equal approximately one slice of mudcake but ill feel like im eating more cos there is "six" of them. The only other thing ive got is some jatz and french onion dip. So i am certainly having some treats but im not going nutso. And December 26 back on track. Going to track on my iphone with myfitnesspal its set the calories at 1430 and ill do that till 12WBT starts :)

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Pinky said...

Lookin good Kazz and sounds like some great plans for 2012.
All the best over the holidays