Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day

Its xmas afternoon. This has been a interesting week or so. Ive been off track altho not awfully so. The main damage has been eating too much chocolate and eating carbs at night. What i am discoverring is most of these foods i thought i missed...i dont really miss..I went to mums for dinner friday night. Mum hasnt cooked a real turkey for years....but mum, myself and my sister became converts to "turkey roll"...i had it at mums on friday nite....and realised it is so processed and just not as tasty as i imagined. It was fine to eat but not that yummy. I decided not to have it today. Along with my bad eating i decided to have takeaway for lunch yesterday....2 of my faves have always been kfc and hungry jacks bacon cheese burger...i went with the hungry jacks and all i can say is BLURGH....the chips were all dry and yucky and the burger really was not tasty as prefer a home made burger any day. I have now got to the point of missing "feeling hungry" its like ur constantly full from all this grazing...and its a horrible, heavy feeling as well as feeling lethargic....HATE IT! Im getting back on track in the morning...i dont plan to eat much for the rest of the day i feel so freaking heavy....its gross :(

Xmas day has been very quiet. My mum gave me money as i mentioned yesterday and i bought jeans, my sister and her kids and hubby gave me a purse, necklace, card game and the best present EVER a traditional skipping rope! Made of actual rope with wooden handles...OMG i love LOVE love it....hehe (doesnt take much to make me happy eh?) I did 253 jumps with it this morning (Fiona has told me to do 1500 jumps with a skipping rope this week....eek!) My sisters kids got did facetime with my niece today lol was cute as hell she is walking around the house chit chatting to me about what she got....then says to me "what did santa bring you" LOL soooooooo damn cute!!!

I jarred my neck this morning...second time ive done it since i was last at the physio...not sure why its happening (its actually the 3rd time since i started to get back pain) im guessing its related but its annoying...and of course painful and makes me worry im never going to fully get over this back issue.

Tomorrow morning i will weigh in and get back on track. Time to start preparing myself for 2012 and all the goodness and hard work it will bring :) I know the scales are guessing 85 kilos at the moment (yes eek!!!) my aim would be to at least be down to 82 kilos by january 1.

Enjoy you christmas all :)


Anonymous said...


Merry Christmas, love you blog, thank you for sharing!

Best wishes


20 to go! said...

It is so hard not to get off track at christmas! Like you though, I'm ready to refind some focus.