Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Run kazz, run....

I signed up for michelle bridges 12wbt today. I need to now sit down and read thru their forums....lots of info within that forum i suspect. Had a good food day today and burnt 700 calories tonite. Went out running with a friend....we ran 1.75 km then took a small break which involved some tricep dips and tricep pushups against a bench (does that count as a break?????) then we ran the 1.75km again....second time i got a stitch and had to stop but apart from that it was good. I really didnt think id finish one lot of the 1.75kms so pretty impressed i did that :) Wonder how sore I am going to be tomorrow? I suspect sore thighs lol I must say after barely doing any exercise for close to a month thanks to this injured back i was very, very impressed with how well I did :)

Tomorrow nite im back to the gym for body balance. Think it will be good to do a good stretch on these legs of mine!! LOL Must admit i am ready for xmas to be done with lol. I jsut wanna try and maintain and get to the end of the year and get stuck into things again starting January 1. I think come Jan 1 i will cut back to 1300 cals and attempt YET AGAIN to cut out the diet coke lol....i really would like to get down to 72 kilos by end of May.

My physio rang me today to see how I pulled up after body balance. Ive had some pain today so ive made a appointment to see her again next thursday after work. (only time i could get). I asked her about doing combat and she said i should be fine with that so will give that a whirl friday morning.

Ohhhh I got my iphone!!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Now just need to buy iphone cover etc and then i will be ready to start using it and giving out my new number (thats a pain in the ass!) but very happy with it...its soooooooo pretty hehehe :)

Okays these old legs of mine need a nice long shower after tonights exercise...enjoy your night all


Pinky said...

Well done on the running - you are going great guns!
HAve a fab christmas

Hippygal said...

Awesome about the running, have a wonderful Christmas and New Year :)

kazz said...

Thank you so much Jaxx...I hope you have a health improved 2012 with lots of good times with your family :)