Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Back to the gym :)

Went to the gym this morning...yep actually got my ass out of bed early. Ran 1km on the treadmill then did a 60 min body balance class. So burnt 525 calories. Today was a lot better day...i had one fun size mars bar...(which i always allow myself after the gym) but no caramello bears or freddo frogs etc so thats a plus :) I noticed too i wasnt so preoccupied with food today. So that was good. Tomorrow i am going running outside with a friend....have mapped out a 1.7km run...ive only ever run about 1km outside (apart from shuttle runs) so will be bloody interesting to see if i make it. I was telling ryan about it today (in other words whining about the fact i was going to do it) and he was like i bet you come in on thursday and say u did it plus a extra 300 metres to make it two kilometres,,,,ass,,,,now i feel i gotta LOL otherwise i look like a weenie...anyway we will wait and see. Then thursday night will do body balance and maybe a short 1km run...might just go a lil faster. I am really so far from being able to run 7.5km...not sure how this is all going to go. The body balance and running is going fine...i know part of my issue is my head space that i am worried i am going to hurt my back again. Everytime i think about weights i think nope not going to do them again cos i dont wanna hurt my back, and i know i cant have that attitude long term. When i think about doing 12wbt one of the things that puts me off is the workouts i am worried i wont be able to do. I know theres beginner programs,,,,i am meaning i am worried i will hurt my back again. Hate this cos ive never been worried about hurting myself before...but hate the thought of hurting my back again.

Anyway onto more exciting things...my iphone left the warehouse today! I am suppose to be recieving it tomorrow....im very excited!!! Ive wanted one for so long...but specially for the running apps!!! Anyone know of any good running or fitness apps apart from runkeeper or nike....lemme know!

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Mel ~ From Fat to Fit and Feeling Fantastic! said...

Oooo ... an iphone 4s? I love mine!! I ordered it two days after the release and still got it before the 2nd batch went out to the shops! I loved reading this post! I'm on a little holiday from my WW efforts but am starting to feel the effects on my body by eating what I want, little exercise but am also feeling it mentally. But I am happy to just keep going with my little holiday as I know soon as I get home, I'm hitting it again hardcore. Merry Christmas to you and yours!