Monday, December 19, 2011

Getting my head back on track!

Im giving myself a bit of a kick in the butt. When i got my injury i initially maintained my weight by continuing to eat around 1300-1400 cals. But then i got peeved. So i did a few things i shouldnt do...firstly i decided i was going to cut my snacks out. I then also threw in a no carb worked...i got under 80 kilos. I had another no carb day yesterday....and today have eaten carbs, carbs, carbs and more carbs. You would think i would learn. When i cut out my snacks...and ive been doing this for the majority of the last 7-10 days...ive only been eating 900-1000 calories. The cutting out the snacks probably isnt that big a concern if you eat decent size meals...but i only have a sandwich at lunch....and dinner is only a piece of meat (about 180 grams raw), some kind of vegetable (mushrooms or cherry tomatos as a rule) and 30 grams of feta cheese. In fact most of those days i prolly wasnt even hitting 900 cals. Yup just checked...was a smidgen under 900 cals. Which was stupid of me. I had this thought process of one...just wanting to get to goal....two...well if people who have weight loss surgery eat under 1200 cals then surely i can survive doing it. But its basically put me in a bad cycle...yesterday i ate no carbs and didnt even hit 900 cals...and today i wanna eat every carb in site. One of my other problems is chocolate...which seems to be freaking everywhere at the moment, i have never been a big chocolate eater in the past but i certainly seem to be wolfing the stuff down. Its nothing else i am eating bad...everything else is good foods...but i think ive kinda caused this myself ive restricted myself so much but i can get a freddo frog for under 100 calories so i can fit that in. When in reality i would be better to have some fruit. I have read frequently recently that if you eat your BMR (mine is a lil over 1500) and then burn on average 500 cals per day you theoretically should lose half a kilo a week. I also remember when reading Jillians book on losing the last 10-20 pounds (i want to lose some where between 8 pounds and 25 pounds) anyway she talked about how when you fall into that category you should lose slower and not have as big calorie deficit. She recommended 500-700 calorie deficit per day. so if i was to follow the theory of eat at your BMR so 1500 cals...and aim to burn 500 cals on average per day...i would end up about where JM recommends. So im going to go back to 1500 cals of good wholesome food. Im also going to work on cutting out this bloody chocolate...not so much worried about drinking a hot chocolate or having a chocolate flavoured protein shake but the chocolate itself. Im gonna try and just get to xmas day with no steps people! And the other aim is to start to get the exercise going. The fact of the matter is im really not in a rush to get to goal. And i think its going to be much healthier if i go there slowly...while i do always hold this huge emphasis on what the scales say i really am going to try and not let small losses or stay the sames or even fluctuations bug me too much....maybe that should be my new years resolution!

I should have gone to the gym tonite. But finding it hard to motivate myself to go simply to do "cardio equipment". Ive never been a lover of the gym...but bloomin cardio equipment is my least about boring the crap out of me. But with not doing pump or boxing anymore...and knowing i do actually have this run i should be getting myself organised a lil bit with i know i need to start working on the cardio, specially as i have sat on my ass for the last 3.5 weeks. This week i am on lates...i can actually get to the gym at 7am and not leave till 8am and would make it to work, tomorrow and friday morning there is classes i could do...body balance tomorrow and body combat on friday. I would say there is RPM on thursday too but im not a fan of RPM and not a fan of the instructor so will skip that. BUT wednesday and thursday morning i GUESS i could plop myself on that bloody cardio equipment. I could at least do 45 minutes. On top of that thursday nite ill do body balance, wednesday nite im gonna do some outdoor running stuff, and tomorrow nite could do some cardio stuff. That would see me off to the end of the week (friday nite am off to mums since i wont see her xmas day). Saturday morning ill do "something" as well...maybe more outdoor stuff. This really is up to me. I need to get my head in the game...eating wise i need to get back to eating enough regularly and eating good foods....and i really need to start to adapt to exercise now its different cos of my back. Why cant everything just be bloomin simple???? hehe

I am off work for 4 days this weekend like a damn normal person which i cannot wait for.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh and i ordered a iphone!!! OMG EXCITED!!! I have thought about getting one for sooooooooooo long. I normally dont have a plan im on prepaid but you cant get a iphone on prepaid and even the androids i dont think are recent ones. So last nite thought bugger i have actually ordered a 32GB WHITE 4S...should arrive on wednesday...cannot wait...already know ill be getting the nike and runkeeper apps so i will know distances i am running and more guessing for this girl! Ive currently got a nokia e63 its done me good....but its starting to freeze definitely time for a new one! Oh AND am getting a kindle for xmas!!! Was hoping to get that book "sweet poison" on kindle...but not available :( but ive already created a wishlist of books on amazon lol so i think xmas day may be spent eating and reading (and some form of exercise i guess! lol)

And no one die of shock but i am seriously thinking about setting one of my goals for 2012 to get my licence! That and start the PT course...i keep thinking about that one....and then keep thinking...i prolly wouldnt see it thru so dont bother.

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