Sunday, December 18, 2011

Back to the gym tomorrow. Im glad to be going back but a bit annoyed i cant throw myself back into things. Suspect now i got the injury thru the impact of hitting a boxing bag in my boxing classes (i was doing 1-2 hours boxing per week) or from incorrect form in pump or lifting too high a weight in pump. Which leads me to not doing boxing at least for a while...and not doing basically im not doing weights....not really sure long term what i will do in relation to that....really dont wanna risk doing weights unless im with a trainer and i dont wanna do PT, and have no intention of doing pump classes. Which really doesnt leave a huge number of classes for me to do that i dont mind....cycling (and theres only one free style cycling class per week as im not a fan of RPM), body combat and body balance. The "dance" style classes im not a fan off...altho i will do bodyjam tomorrow...mostly because its the only class i can make (except for pump in the morning which is out of course) The frustrating thing in this i expected as i got closer to goal and while at goal and maintaining i would be increasing the weight work NOT cutting it out. Whilst step is one that could be do-able i dont like doing it cos i can never keep up with the choreography. Soooo it kinda cuts out most classes i was previously doing....only cycling and body balance of my previous plans am i still going to do....and i only use to do each once a week. Then i wonder if i should just stick to doing dvds etc at home...Jillian has a yoga one which would prolly be a good one to at this stage really not sure what ill do exercise wise once the new year starts (really the next few weeks is mostly going to be me trying to get my back moving more...wish that wasnt the case...wish it was going to be about running...and burning huge amounts of calories....and body shaping...but alas :()

I have considered doing michelle bridges 12wbt....not for the group work or any of the social aspect....not interested in that at all....mostly just for her 1200 calorie menus....exercise wise id prolly be stuck with the same situation...a pile of stuff i cant do without risking my back again.

Went out for dinner last nite with Martine...major carb overload LOL but was super yummy and great company :) Today im doing a no carb day.

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Pinky said...

Good luck at the gym - but yes be careful!