Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Weigh In Result - 79.5 kilos!!! :) :)

Well today has been a fab day!!! I woke up and TA-DA 79.5 kilos on the scales!!! So I have now lost 91.4 kilos (201 pounds) Im so relieved to have reached that mark. I then went shopping :) Went to rebel sport bought two tshirts...a adidas and a running bare one...both size 10 :) and i then went to Lorna Jane...put a top on order...and then bought 2 pairs of flashdance pants....they are a size smaller then my current ones....still tight...definitely show of my fat thighs but ready for me to wear when they fit nicely....they were on special 2 pairs for $100 so couldnt pass them up at that they gave me a $20 gift voucher to use in January :) I also went op shopping...bought 4 new tops....all size S and XS :)

Then i went to the physio....turns out i sprained my vertebrae facet joint....she manipulated it....and told me to get back to the gym LOL so fabbbbbbbbbbbbb news!!! Basically she said thats the only treatment i need...gave me some exercises to do at home. She told me i will prolly feel like its a lil bruised tomorrow and may feel twinges etc when working out but not to be scared its the movement i need.

I realised something really bizarre today too!! Im not a touchy feely person. I normally avoid hugging people at all costs...but i have noticed lately im getting better at this with friends etc when they hug me. i know my physio shes my body combat instructor (and yeh she is kinda good looking ;) lol) anyway at the end of the session and when i was leaving she gave me a hug and i didnt freak out or try to avoid her or anything crazy...i really am changing!! LOL

Below is a couple of pics from todays clothes....the pants are tight fitting so not overly attractive :)


Natalie said...

WOW!! I knew you would do it. Not far to go now....., but more importantly than that, you are an exercise machine. Could you have ever imagined missing the gym 91kg ago?

Pinky said...

fabulous news! - Glad to hear your back is getting better - and WOW those sizes are so tiny!

Jennifer said...

You are doing so great!!!! Congrats!