Thursday, December 15, 2011

Back to the gym :)

Well i survived a work day with no painkillers YAY :) My physio rang me today to check how i was...she told me "move your back but respect your body" so thats what i am doing :) Ive been all thinking i need to get back into the running quick smart cos im worrying about the resolution run in 4 weeks....but really my focus needs to be simply focusing on moving my back more. So while normally my focus is calories burnt, calories burnt, calories burnt...especially the next week or so my focus will be to do a class most days,,,,and ill stick to just a hour or so per day. No crazyness just yet ;) So next week my plan will be:

mon - body jam
tues - body balance
wed - not sure yet
thur - body balance
fri - body combat
sat - might do some running drills

Have decided no boxing or pump for a while. Starting to suspect it is the boxing that bought this injury leaving that for a while.

I went on the treadmill for 15 minutes before body balance....when i was going my normal speed on that i could feel it on my back so had to go pretty slow. Body balance i really didnt feel my back the entire time :) but has been a bit tender since...altho mostly tender the first 10 minutes or so. I dont think the pain is a bad thing....just need to ensure im not getting the real sharp pains.

Work put on a free bbq at work for lunch today....i had some of it....not a lot...just a patty, a sausage, some bread and a lil bit of potato salad.

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