Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Some changes...

My scales were up to 82.2 kilos yesterday morning...so i am trialling something i had considered for a while...yesterday i ate 1150 calories...leaning towards carb foods....today i am having a carb free day (except for the carbs in my vegies) so when i tracked it 6% carbs which is tiny compared to my normal 35-40% carbs and im sticking around 1000-1100 cals. The main thing i am doing is cutting out my snacks. Eating 1300 calories i was obviously maintaining my weight...obviously not exercising i need less cals...so i am changing it around a bit...tomorrow i will eat 1300-1500 cals...so im basically doing that cycle this week...will see what the scales do....if they dont move much...then ill just go back to calorie cycling 1250 cals next week. But knowing my body i think it will respond REALLY well to the no carb days...which will only be 2 a week. So breakfast today was 2 eggs with feta, tomato, milk, and baby spinach all scrambled (i love eggs :)) then for lunch i am going to make a tuna and feta and vegetable fritatta. Dinner will be steak and vegetables. As a side note my scales did drop back to 81.3 kilos...the fluctuation I am sure is related to my cycle being due.

My back seems quite good today...very little pain (last had painkillers on sunday morning) not sure if its cos the painkillers may still be in my system or it is actually improving. Have noticed since the massage on friday i have been getting a "tingling sensation" in the muscle...no idea if that is good or bad...but so far today seems good...the real test will be tomorrow. Tomorrow arvo i am seeing the physio too so will have a good idea about what exercise i can do....and how i can build up my exercise again without redamaging it. Really would like to get back to exercise ASAP but not at the expense of delaying the recovery.

Today and tomorrow I am off work...housework, washing and resting today :) Tomorrow im off to Lorna Jane! To get some of the clothes i currently want LOL just saw they have another new singlet i want....geeeeeeesh!!! I love that they constantly bring out new stuff....lol my bank account doesnt love it so much....plus this month they have 2 pairs of flashdance pants for $100 so im off to buy a couple of pairs in size Large....Im currently wearing XL they are rather loose on my but i love the way they fit...but while they are cheap i want the size Large ones...im also going to buy AT LEAST one new top...maybe two hehe ;)

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