Sunday, December 11, 2011

This injury is turning out to be VERY frustrating. Im tired of being sleepy from pain killers, im tired of living the i miss the gym itself and just living a more active life. I hate knowing its prolly going to be several weeks at least till i have another loss :( I mean I am maintaining my weight so i know thats good but gawd dammit i just want to get under 80 feels like getting under that would be the hardest thing. Altho i realise if i was exercising i quite possibly would be there by now :( I realise the bonus is that i am maintaining my loss and not gaining...but grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! its kinda like everything ive been working for is kinda onhold...i know its not...not really...and it is what it is....and maybe this injury is my bodies way of saying it needs a rest (clutching at straws anyone lol)

Plus my cycle is due in a few just gotta remain very focused to ensure no bad eating...maybe once my cycle is gone i will dip under 80 kilos (can only hope right?)

Working today...hanging out for 5pm tomorrow when ill get 2 days off and physio appointment wednesday afternoon :)


Anonymous said...

Hang in there! You are such and inspiration and it is so awesome that you are so in touch with everything and post your thoughts, even if you have a temporary delay such as this. I know you will be able to weather through this temporary setback until you are better and will come back stronger than ever!! Thanks for sharing. Barbara (Jody's sister in New Mexico)

Pinky said...

All the best for your recovery - You are doing amazingly and once back to good you will get to your next goal!

kazz said...

Thanks Pinky and thanks Barbara (Barbara - you must be the nice sister! lol ;))