Friday, December 09, 2011

Update on my back :)

Well my back does seem to have improved slightly. I saw a massage therapist today and he did trigger point massage on it...his gut instinct is i have damaged the intercostal muscle which is the muscle between the ribs if not that (and he doesnt believe this is likely) a hairline fracture of one of my ribs. He basically has told me to see a physio (i have a appointment on wednesday), that i can do stretching exercises (so im guessing body balance) but no exercise where my heart rate goes above 50% of my maximum heart rate and no building of muscles currently. So in one sense its good news...just that i am limited. I have some very wise and educated friends on facebook who have also given me some take about 6 deep breaths every hour as well as some deep coughs (as this hurts to deep breath it can lead to fluid on the lungs) and heatpack and resting. From what I have read on the internet it takes usually 3-6 weeks to will be two weeks on sunday for me. So the fact it has improved a lil the last few days seems to be a good sign. Ive tried to be a hero and avoid taken pain meds....but i think i am understanding now its more important to keep the pain at bay and ensure i keep deep breathing. So as i am working thru till monday i will keep the painkillers up. Tuesday i am off and i will not take pain killers that day at least initially to guage how its going. (If it is painful i can always lay down till painkillers kick in) My priority is getting over this and getting over it properly. I will be very glad to see the physio on wednesday (she is a fitness instructor from the gym) as she can hopefully give me a real clear guidance in relation to exercise.

In relation to food and the scales....i must say i really am SO impressed with me. For 3 months i have been up and down between 80 and 85 kilos. The first couple of days of this injury my weight got up to 84.4 kilos....i then knuckled down foodwise and been pretty much perfect 90% of the time...and have stayed between 80.1 kilos and 80.7 not under 80 kilos which i am dying to hit but at time where i have pain killers in my system, no exercise and frustrations and pain with this injury i just feel i have done really REALLY well and for me thats kinda huge. I am busting to be able to throw myself into everything....but im on this journey to get the healthiest body i can if i have to take things slow and be careful to ensure the end result is that i do have the healthiest body im able to have....then thats what I will do! :)


Andrea said...

Hope you mend soon!!

Jennifer said...

I know just what muscle you are talking about. I had an issue with mine that they found in physical therapy. I hope you feel better soon. Hang in there!