Saturday, December 03, 2011

Reflection on 2011 and some goals for 2012

Crazy to think its December! Where the hell has the year gone??? But its a awesome time to reflect on what I did this year and to START to assess some goals for next year.

So what did i accomplish this year?

So far to date ive lost spot on 25 kilos :) Thats a pretty damn awesome average for the year if you ask me....averages out to about 500 grams per week. - A goal I wrote last December for this year was "I am not going to put the expectation on myself to reach goal in 2011...but i certainly wanna aim for a 15 kilo loss with toning of my body...and my health drastically improving. (only need to lose 300 grams per week to meet this)"

I flew to Sydney - climbed the harbor bridge AND had a pedicure (the pedicure was a first lol)

Was in Thats Life Magazine

Was In Lorna Janes Book

Approached to be in the January edition of Fernwoods Magazine

I did go on some dates

Started doing a pile of exercises I never use to do : Jumping jacks, skipping with a skipping rope, running, i now find mountain climbers "easy", and even tho my pushups are far from perfect they have improved.

Rowed 2km in 8mins 58 secs which was pretty damn awesome for me

Climbed up the Westpac Building (30 flights)

Participated in the Mothers Day Classic Walk

Completed the Fernwood Foxy Challenge and was the winner for our team

So what are my goals for 2012?

To get to goal!! No questions asked!!!

Going to Sydney for 2 trips

Go to Melbourne to do the Eureka Climb

Complete the 7.5km Resolution run (and run some of it altho I dont expect to run it all)

Do the mothers day classis AND run it all!

Do one of the gyms bootcamps and do every session

Enter the City to Bay as a runner and run at least 6kms of it

To start my training to be a personal trainer

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Good luck with 2012!