Sunday, December 04, 2011

My Damn Back.

My back really hasnt been so good today. I have felt very sorry for myself...laying on my back but thinking lots. Last nite i slept on my side instead of flat on my back and think that prolly didnt help. And right now I am on my 3rd dose of pain killers...right at the moment it doesnt feel so bad. But i have decided i am DETERMINED not to let this change me getting to may be just the way i go about it differs. Yanno it could suddenly be all good tomorrow....or if i be realistic it is a back issue it could be a lot longer. So the next few days when not at work it will be all about resting, and laying flat on my back as much as possible (thats what the doctor recommended). Tomorrow nite i am going for another treatment for accupuncture. And then ill give that a few days if its still sore i will go and see my body combat instructor. She is a physio in her 9-5 job and the fact she will be able to give advice on exercise etc will be helpful. It may be a case i will need to change my focus to things like body balance, and possibly pilates (yuck!) till i get over this properly. If it does take a long time to heal there is a local gym with a pool and hydrotherapy...and their weekly membership is only $10 a week so i mite join it and that way use a pool (not ideal to i am paranoid about slipping getting in and out of the pool...but swimming and possibly aqua aerobic classes mite allow me to exercise and get my heart rate a lil bit up whilst helping my back) I of course wouldnt stop my gyms membership...the goal would be to get back to my fitness classes and things like bootcamp and running etc. The one thing i can control in all of this is my that will be a big focus. Bit annoying cos i want to get to not only goal but to have as toned as body as possible...and this may put a dent into those plans...but i can only try and do my best...getting to goal isnt the issue to me....its the building muscle mass and being as lean as possible side of things thats the issue and also ensuring doing everything possible to ensure this back thing doesnt become a reoccuring issue.

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