Wednesday, December 07, 2011

My back still hurts :( I thought the accupuncture might be helping but it seems is just the pain killers. I have a appointment with a guy friday night who comes to our work on friday afternoons to do massages, he does sport massages, trigger point massages etc. Ive heard really good feedback about until then i will keep up the pain killers (tomorrow i am off so can rest my back good) and then fingers crossed he can help me friday afternoon if not im going to see the physio wednesday afternoon...surely one or the other will starting to worry i am never going to get over this :(

Foodwise my eating has been really good. The scales have been fluctuating between 80.1 kilos and 80.5 i am as sooooooooooo close to the 70's as you can prolly be without being there lol. I am guessing the lack of exercise and the taking of the painkillers is affecting the scales at the moment ... so hopefully....if i ever friggin get over this back and can stop taking the pain killers the scales will get under 80 kilos.

Not much else going pretty much working, sleeping and resting....very boring life at the moment!!!

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Pinky said...

Good luck with getting your back sorted!