Saturday, December 03, 2011

Oh i have missed my lil journal! My sore back got to the point that sitting up and typing a lot really hurt so i have had to avoid the journal for a bit. But i am SO happy to say my back is definitely on the improve :) I had accupuncture done on it thursday....yesterday it was really painful...and today there is still a lil bit of pain...but it is SO improved...i feel incredible!! :) I have really missed the gym this week. Early in the week when the pain was really bad i actually half felt like cancelling my gym was so frustrating not being able to even sit up without intense pain. Early in the week my eating went WAY off track too...wednesday morning i was 84.4 kilos!! EEK!!! But i am very happy to say its back down to 80.7 kilos this morning and that goal of being under 80 kilos on the 1st of january is very doable.

My big concern now is getting my back to 100% and avoiding any further injuries. I have the 7.5km run to train for which is in mid january. Im convinced i scored this injury in pump and so have decided no weights until at least mid january. And when I manage to catch Fiona at the gym next ill get her to show me some exercises to help strengthen my back. So between now and mid january it will be cardio, cardio and more cardio!! LOL Altho this week ill take it very classes or bootcamp....just some walking in my area and on the treadmill....the week after ill start to up the ante a lil. You dont realise how much you get out of the gym till its taken away from you! And even tho im not a lover of exercise...i do miss the environment and the feeling of accomplishing something :)

And with that going to keep this post short as i can feel my back tugging a back to laying down for me...enjoy your weekend all!! :)

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